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We are honored to have you join us in our worship of God. This parish was founded by Ukrainian believers over 100 years ago, but is open and welcomes all believers and those seeking an experience of the Most Holy Trinity. If you have never been to an Orthodox Church, we would like to share some things that will help you better understand the experience. Like the Holy Apostle Philip said to Nathaniel when they were first being called to be disciples of our Lord, “Come and See (John 1:46). You can learn a lot about the Orthodox Church by study and reading, but it is best understood by seeing and experiencing its worship.

Our Church has deep and lasting roots in early Christianity and is steeped in rich biblical tradition. It has been the framework of Christian living for millions and millions of Christians for almost 20 centuries. Did you known that there are over 200 million Orthodox Christians in the world, and that there are six million in the United States? Do not be confused by the various ethnic titles for the many Orthodox Churches. The Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Syrian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian, Byelorussian, Japanese and many other Orthodox Churches are all the same Church: The Orthodox Christian Church which began on Pentecost Sunday when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles gathered in the Upper Room in Jerusalem as our Lord Jesus commanded them.

Orthodox worship is a holistic experience involving all the senses of the human being: Bodily with the sign of the cross, bowing and prostrations, hearing with the chanting of prayers, the smell of incense and rose oil, and the visual with the holy images of Christ, the Mother of God and the saints. It can be overwhelming for those used to a totally rational style of worship, but with time worshipping God and praying with your whole body becomes very natural. Being human involves the unity of body and soul. Our whole being is called to participate actively in worship. Do not expect to absorb and understand everything immediately. It is an experience that is constantly evolving with and in us!

You are most welcome to be a part of our worshipping and serving community!

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